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The broadcast edit of Diana In Love is currently playing free on the Flamingo Network on Roku. Reviews:

'Shanti Fiennes, niece of Oscar nominee Ralph and BAFTA nominee Joseph, can join them as box-office royalty with Diana In Love...Fiennes is picture-perfect for Diana.' - Richard Eden, Daily Mail UK

'Fiennes plays a carefree Lady Di...Beyond mastering Diana’s insouciant smile,  the actress describes the experience as “freeing.” On set, “we were just having fun.” - Bridget Arsenault, Air Mail

'An intimate love letter to the People's Princess' - Lisa Marks, Medium

"The film is romantic and melancholy but mostly just brilliant." - Marco Spagnoli, Giornale dello Spettacolo

‘Diana In Love’ is a fascinating film that mixes fiction and reality, showing the often overlooked fun times of Diana’s life,  shown in an impressive mixed-media format.” - Mariam Bakuradze,  Imedi TV

'This Diana is not like the rest...The movie stars Shanti Fiennes, the niece of Oscar nominee Ralph Fiennes, as Princess Diana. "This is the kind of movie that I think people will watch under the covers in the middle of the night on their phone" - Jay Stahl, Des Moines Register

"Diana in Love is a glimpse into passion and freedom...At the heart of the film is Shanti Fiennes’ portrayal of Princess Diana. Fiennes embodies Diana’s grace and vulnerability with an authenticity that is captivating. Her performance evokes the sympathy and admiration that the real Princess Diana commanded, making it one of the film’s standout elements." - Caillou Pettis, The Movie Blog

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